NEW IN: Lavallière Yves Saint Laurent

NEW IN: Lavallière Yves Saint Laurent

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our fragrance collection – Lavallière by Yves Saint Laurent! This fabulous scent is now a part of our lineup, bringing a touch of luxury to your aromatic experience.

Lavallière is featured in Yves Saint Laurent's Les Vestiaire des Parfums line, an exquisite collection inspired by the iconic clothing designs of Yves Saint Laurent himself. Now, Lavallière is the newest addition to our personal wardrobe of YSL fragrances! 

This enchanting fragrance offers a beautiful blend of fig and rose notes, creating a truly enjoyable scent. Upon application, you will experience the essence of a blooming garden, complemented by refreshing undertones of vetiver and bergamot. Lavallière is an invitation to immerse yourself in the artistic expression of Yves Saint Laurent, encapsulated within a bottle of fragrance. Elevate your collection with this exquisite addition and discover the unique blend of sophistication and nature that defines Lavallière.

Ready to make it yours? Lavallière is now available in our webshop! 

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