Kajal Lamar Caviar

Kajal Lamar Caviar

Looking for some inspiration on what to use your discount for? Honestly, all Kajal scents are a unique experience! Let us introduce you to one of their latest additions.

Lamar Caviar by Kajal—the first-ever ethanol-free fine fragrance. It uses Microcaps' special "perfume-pearls" tech, bringing unique features that will change the game for the fine fragrance industry. Lamar Caviar is filled with tiny perfume pearls, which contain a water-based perfume oil. Upon application, the pearls break while touching the skin, releasing a beautiful fragrance mist with notes of vanilla, pineapple and amber. 

With our current Kajal full bottle discount, you can grab this unique fragrance with  15% off. Just use the discount code at checkout!

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