Boost your energy with these handpicked fragrances! Enjoy 20% off decants and full bottles.

Boost your energy with these handpicked fragrances! Enjoy 20% off decants and full bottles.

Boost your energy! 

Wave goodbye to winter and elevate your wellbeing with our handpicked fragrances. Embrace perfumes rich in Osmanthus, Patchouli, Citrus, and Jasmine—each note chosen for its' energising and mood enhancing properties.


Time to shake off the winter blues!

We selected eight fragrances for you to enjoy with 20% off (2, 5, 10 ml & fullbottle). Read about them down below!

Osmanthus: Uplifting Properties

Osmanthus smells like flowers with a touch of fresh green, sweet apricot, and a soft creamy feel. This wonderful scent can make you feel happier and is good for your health. That is why osmanthus oil is popular in aromatherapy to help reduce stress and worry. It calms you down and can even make your sleep better. Plus, it is really good at lifting your mood because it is so cheerful. The smell of osmanthus leaves people feeling joyful and full of good vibes!

We selected two fragrances that will lift your mood:

Patchouli: Boosting your mood & keeping emotions in check

Patchouli has a unique fragrance that mixes earthy, woody, sweet, and musky smells. It is a very strong and intense fragrance, and can help you feel steady and calm when things get a little too much. This scent is great for relaxing, feeling happier, and keeping your emotions stable. Patchouli is also awesome for calming your mind and helping you focus on the present moment. It is thus no surprise that this aroma is often used during yoga and meditation practices!

We selected two fragrances providing you with more stability:


The scent of citrus fruits is often used in aromatherapy to fight depression. It helps relax and brings a happy feeling. Studies have also shown that citrus scents can improve cognitive functions. Orange, grapefruit and lemon in particular are scents that motivate and energise. The top notes go directly through our nasal cavity to our head and make us feel better, fitter and even more confident.

We selected two fragrances to boost your positive mood:


Jasmine gives a sense of confidence and euphoria, and is therefore very effective for the apathy you may feel during your winter dip. It is effective against excessive feelings of stress and it boosts your self-confidence. The scent of Jasmine is described as a vibrant fragrance that provides a sense of harmony and optimism.

We selected two fragrances that boost your confidence:

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